Have Some Cake

Here’s a great example of a small business webpage: Angel Cake Creations of Cary, NC. They create, decorate and customize cakes. From kids and adult birthday cakes, to cakes for special occasions like your office party to wedding cakes. You’ll find the structure of the website in many other small business sites:

  • About the nature of the business.
  • What we do for our customers.
  • Who we are, you are dealing with people after all.
  • A gallery of offerings, with pictures across multiple pages, easily managed after the site goes life.
  • A Pricelist and a Contact page
  • A blog, to keep the customers engaged and report about what’s happening at this business

Here is a screenshot:

Angel Cake Creations Screenshot

For a small local business the most important factor for a website is getting found. According to a recent survey among SEO experts, the most important factor is Google Places. Get your business properly listed there and you have already won half the battle:

  • Proper address and categorization in Google Places
  • Authority of your website, which is hitting the right keywords in search and if other sites link to you.
  • Be listed in business directories.
  • Proper address on the webpage
  • Quantity, Quality and Authority of citations and reviews

Once these aspects are clear, the goal of a well placed search engine listing is easily conquered with due diligence. Most of it depends on you, our customers, since you are the one that knows your business best.

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