Google Adwords Revenue at $121 Million per Day

According to this article Google is bringing in more than $100 million per day via AdWords.

Quoting the article:

Though investors seemed disappointed by Google’s third-quarter numbers, its core AdWords business is going like gangbusters, according to a new study  by WordStream. The software company found Google earning $100 million a day through AdWords in Q3, serving 5.5 billion impressions per day on search pages and 25.6 billion impressions per day on the Google Display Network.

The article is a pretty interesting look into the world of online advertising. Here are a couple of key numbers: The average click-through rate (CTR) is 3.5% for search and 0.18% for display. Average cost per click (CPC) is $0.53 for search and $0.35 for the display network. And finally the conversion rate is 5.63% for search and 4.78% for display ads.

What does this mean? A conversion on the search engine costs you on average 20 times the cost per click. This comes to $9.41 for the search network and $7.31 for the display network. Please bear in mind these are grand averages, the actual costs can vary widely by industry, market, profession or location and yes, even the time of day.  The CPC for a limited area can be 10 times as high as a US wide search.

The only way to find out the exact cost is to use the tools available with a Google AdWords account. Google currently hands out coupon codes for $100 worth of free advertising, if you spend $25 of your own. Please use our contact form and we will send you a code, no strings attached.


  • (CTR) click-through rate = percentage of visitor who see the ad and actually click to see what’s behind it.
  • (CPC) cost per click = amount of money paid if somebody clicks the ad. Just displaying the ad is free. Advertisers bid for their ads to be placed.
  • Conversion rate = percentage of visitors to your website who perform certain key actions typically within a month after they clicked an ad. Those key actions can be things like signing up to a mailing list, actually ordering something from your online store or just leaving a message through a contact form.

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